Sliced Bread

Our Famous Gluten Free Bread Recipe

For over 30 years, long before we even started the Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe, we have been working to perfect the best gluten free bread recipe on the planet (and by “we” I mean Rita, although the rest of us have been faithful taste-testers by her side the whole time).  There have been plenty […]

Corn Bread 8013 FR eh

Perfect Gluten Free Cornbread

Free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Full of yummy deliciousness! We have adapted the original recipe for Custard-Topped Spoon Bread, featured in The Joy of Cooking, to fit our allergy-friendly needs.  Of course we wanted to make a gluten-free cornbread recipe, but while we were at it, we also adapted it to be a completely […]

Sugar Cookies 8498 FR eh ct

Superb Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love a sugar cookie? These gluten free delights are easily made dairy and soy free with the use of a coconut oil based shortening. A heavenly cookie – wonderful plain or decorated to your liking! – kids will be just as happy to make them as eat them! To Create! Recipe yields about […]

Carrot Cake-sm file

Carrot Cake

A gorgeous cake, perfectly spiced, for any time of year! An easy to follow recipe. To prepare: 1. Preheat oven to 350ºF 2. Spray a 9” round pan with Pam® or similar 3. In a large bowl, combine: 3 cups grated carrots 3 cups all-purpose gluten-free flour 1 ½ cups brown sugar 1 tsp salt […]

Gluten Free Vanilla Cake

Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Recipe

A classic. THE classic! Free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and fructose, this version is au natural and oh so delicious. Makes 24 cupcakes or one 2-layer cake To prepare: 1. PREHEAT oven to 350ºF. 2. GREASE two 9” round cake pans or line 24 muffin cups with paper liners. 3. In a large mixing […]


Creamy Rice Pudding

Makes any time feel like holiday time! You Will Need: Large baking dish Medium-sized pot with lid Ingredients: 1.5 cups Arborio rice 1 can coconut milk 1 tbsp vanilla 1 tsp salt 1/4 cup cane sugar 2 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp coconut butter cinnamon/ nutmeg to taste *Don’t have all the ingredients?  Click the […]


Pizza Sauce

—Guaranteed to make any pizza delicious!!— To Create!  (Click on any ingredient to be linked to our favorite brand) IN BLENDER: 1.  Blend 6 cloves of fresh garlic 2. Add slowly: 1 cup light-flavored oil and continue to blend 3. Add 1 can (10 oz) of Rotel®, 1 can (6 oz.) tomato paste, and ½ […]


Vegan Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Vegan Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns Recipe

These delightful hot cross buns are a perfect springtime treat! Enjoy them fresh on Easter morning! Perfect with a bit of butter or jam, or just enjoy their succulent sweetness all by themselves. Oh, and did we mention these hot cross buns are perfect for the whole family? They’re free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, […]


Gluten Free Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Oh, quiche. A simple way to make mornings so much more elegant. Make this one ahead and refrigerate or freeze for a scrumptious way to wake up after a nice weekend sleep-in! Our recipe makes enough enough filling for two 9″ pie crusts, so treat the whole family! Ingredients: 2 gluten free pie crusts (get […]


Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe

This scrumptious treat has been one of the favorites in the cake cabinet since the day we opened. Tiers of fresh baked white cake soaked in coconut milk are sandwiched between thick layers of fluffy whipped coconut cream. This is a truly heavenly cake, and now you can enjoy it fresh from your own kitchen!  […]


Christmas Cutout Cookies

Christmas Cutout Cookies

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of decorating freshly baked cookies with the family, and really what is Christmas without some sprinkles? We’ve modified the traditional sugar cookie recipe to be very allergy friendly – These gluten free delights are also free of dairy and soy, so the whole family can partake! Make a […]


Christmas Sangria Recipe

Christmas Sangria Recipe

Sangria is typically seen as a summer-time drink, but just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t meant you have to give up this delicious celebratory drink! We just made a few festive modifications, and there you have it – Christmas Sangria! Make a batch for the adults, then swap out the wine for cranberry juice […]

Frosting & Glaze

Golden Syrup Recipe

Golden Syrup Recipe

If you’ve been perusing the recipes on our site, you may have noticed that quite a few of them call for something called “Golden Syrup.”  In Australia, we could buy commercially-made golden syrup on just about every street corner!  So imagine our surprise when we arrived in the U.S. to find that not only do […]

Lunch/ Dinner

Personal Gluten Free Mushroom Chicken Pies

Personal Gluten Free Mushroom Chicken Pies

In keeping with our international theme this week, today we are going to feature an Australian favorite: the meat pie! We shared our gluten free lamb pie a while back, so today it’s time for a new flavor – chicken and mushroom! This recipe is a gluten free, dairy free adaptation of an original recipe […]


Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket

Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket

A quick, easy, and delicious dinner idea that the whole family can enjoy! Also great for appetizers at parties – and you don’t even have to let anyone know that they’re 100% free of the top ten food allergens! This recipe makes 12 pigs in a blanket. Ingredients: gluten free Texan Biscuit Mix (one packet […]

Other Sweets

Gluten Free Buñuelos (Fried Dough)

Gluten Free Buñuelos (Fried Dough)

For those of you not familiar with this amazing creation, a buñuelo is a traditional Mexican dessert. Basically, it is a big sugary round of fried dough. Even though we’ve now lived in a state bordering with Mexico for over a decade, we have sadly never gotten the chance to try an authentic buñuelo (you […]


Gluten Free Mucky-Mouth Pie Recipe

Gluten Free Mucky-Mouth Pie Recipe

I’m really into the English Heritage thing this week – here’s another awesome pie treat from the old country! While the old Englanders may not have had a penchant for naming their food in any sort of way that would make you actually want to eat any of it, they do know how to make […]


Gluten Free Spinach Quiche Recipe

Oh, quiche. How decadent you make mornings feel. You are, too, the perfect companion for showers and  housewarmings and potluck gatherings. It’s incredible: the elegance you portray with such a simple assembly.  How to make you, oh quiche… *** SPINACH QUICHE yields enough filling for two 9″ pie crusts Prepare your perfect, buttery gluten-free pie […]


Paleo Ketchup Recipe

Paleo Ketchup Recipe

We’ve been posting quite a few gluten free pie recipes this week, including some Australian favorites – the chicken pie and the lamb pie. But every true Aussie knows that a good meat pie just isn’t complete without plenty of sauce (aka “ketchup”). Sadly, so much of the ketchup available in stores today is laden […]

Sandwiches and Wraps

Aussie Sanger (Gluten Free Sandwich)

Aussie Sanger (Gluten Free Sandwich)

Go on a flavor vacation with this sandwich! A slathering of peanut butter with crisp, fresh vegetables, and your choice of meat and cheese. Easily adapted for vegetarians: simply omit the meat! and Vegans or Dairy-Free folk: use dairy free (DF) substitutes or omit them altogether! — To Prepare: 1. On a tortilla wrap or […]

Sauces & Spreads

Paleo Cilantro Pesto Recipe

So we’ve all heard of basil pesto, and we do have to admit that it is pretty tasty. But after a while it can get a little boring to have the same old stuff all the time. Plus, traditional recipes usually have cheese and/or nuts–neither of which are very friendly to an allergy-free diet. After […]

Sauces and Spreads

Easy All-Natural, Homemade Pizza Sauce

Easy All-Natural, Homemade Pizza Sauce

—Guaranteed to make any pizza delicious!!— To Create! (Click on any ingredient to be linked to our favorite brand) IN BLENDER: 1. Blend 6 cloves of fresh garlic 2. Add slowly: 1 cup light-flavored oil and continue to blend 3. Add 1 can (10 oz) of Rotel®, 1 can (6 oz.) tomato paste, and ½ […]

Sides & Appetizers

Easy Bruschetta Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Easy Bruschetta Recipe (Gluten-Free)

We recently launched a new product at the bakery, our gluten-free version of Melba Toast.  It was a huge hit amongst everyone here, but most especially with Steve.  Steve works in the prep area and is generally one of those people who is so quiet that you almost forget he’s there.  Well, not today!  Steve […]