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Homemade Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs are so versatile in use, and they store well in your freezer. So make a big batch to have on hand! It’s as easy as a whirl in your food processor. (and with all the awesome, nutritious flavor of home-baked food).  Use the stuff you made at home following this tutorial!!

bread crumbs

MAKE (gluten and dairy free!) BREAD CRUMBS …Using your aging gluten-free bread – the stuff that’s drying out, but not completely stale or moldy. It’s a nice way to stretch your bread past its prime!

>>Feel free to mix different kinds of bread (whole flax, white, “rye“) together. It makes for a versatile taste! It’s good!

Cube it all up!! They can be coarse.

…and then your options diverge!!!…Think about how you’d like to use them…


turkey1. Fill the cavities of poultry or vegetables and bake for a savory stuffing

2. Soak with milk (use coconut to be dairy free!), combine with sweet spices, and bake for a sweet bread pudding

3. Coat the cubes in oil or butter, and pan fry or bake into croutons <<–see our recipe here!

Deep fried spring chicken in golden lemon batter with saladWITH FINE, COARSER CRUMBS (put the cubed bread in food processor and blend to desired consistency), you can…

1. Top off a casserole or pasta dish for a nice, buttery crunch

2. Bread your meats and vegetables to fry or bake

3. Fatten up your meatloaf, meatballs, etc; and add extra texture

How else do you use them at home??


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