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Angela: Managing Her Misdiagnosis

Some staggering numbers accompany the misdiagnosis of Celiac Disease: 95% of celiacs are misdiagnosed, and wait 6-10 years for the correct diagnosis. Misdiagnosed, Angela spent many years suffering and confused with her illness. Today, she is in much greater health and happiness and able to look back on that time with understanding. Angela tells story:

Angela | San Antonio, TX

” I had to go gluten-free just before Thanksgiving this past year, 2011. I began seeing a new doctor to get my thyroid issues under control, and come to find out, the issue I was diagnosed with 15 years ago was not really what I had. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (an overactive thyroid) and treated with radioactive iodine to kill off part of the gland.  So after undergoing radiation, with my new doctor, I found out in one simple blood test that I never had Graves…I have Hashimoto’s Auto-immune Hypothyroidism.

For the past 15 years, I have had severe ups and downs with my thyroid levels and it has caused all sorts of trouble with my health and sanity. After three months of going gluten free (and a modified diet and supplement support to heal leaky gut), my thyroid has balanced out and I feel normal and good.  My digestion is so much improved that I am nearly off all supplements.

Had I known that gluten was causing so many issues, I would have gotten off of it sooner.  Along with the auto-immune issues, it caused so many other ailments…I could have avoided a lot of surgery.

Though I really do miss a lot of foods (mostly sweet breads and desserts), I have found work arounds for most of them. The improvement in my health has been well worth all of the sacrifice. My family isn’t completely gluten free, but they support me completely and really enjoy all the kitchen experiments I’ve been doing. I’m sure they also appreciate the healthier me as well. “

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