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Sugar: The Habit & Healing It

Rates of added sugar consumption are staggeringly high in the United States

Sugar rewards the body in a way that, yes, is highly satisfying, but also, is highly detrimental when too much is consumed. Rates of consumption are staggeringly high in the United States, meaning there’s greater risk of folks suffering its adverse effects. The great thing is: you can always change your diet to improve your health.

Are you attached to Sugar? 
This quiz on Whole Living may help you measure. A recent study completed in Atlanta, GA found participants consumed an average of 21.4 teaspoons of added sugars a day– more than 320 calories a day from these sources*.

How it effects your health:
Too much sugar will not only add to your body weight, it will specifically raise cholesterol levels, and will overall impact your health negatively. The chemicals in sugar effect the balance of neurotransmitters in your brain – even create a chemical dependency! – which are vital to your physio-emotional well-being. When they get out of balance they cause instability in mood and physical health (i.e. weight fluctuations, poor sleep, digestive complications, etc).


Certain herbal supplements may help shift your dependency

Supporting the change:
To change the desire for sugar means changing your habits: eating a diet balanced in favor of unprocessed, natural foods (plants!), getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly…all the usual advice. It’s difficult, yes! It’s worth it, absolutely. Swanson is our favorite vendor of vitamin-supplements – no sponsorships affiliations here, their selection is just the most extensive and affordable we’ve found! – and to conquer the sugar urge, and support your natural digestive system there are several herbs that may help, including: artichoke, cinnamon, mulberry, gymnema, nopal.

*We found this source via The Vreeland Clinic. Appreciation!

We want to bring you information on what it means to eat and live well.

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