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Cook a Pizza on the Grill?!!

Totally!! What says summer more than firing up the grill? And pizza is actually easy (and more delicious!) to cook on it. Think of grilling its effect to be like that a hearth stone oven would have on the pizza.

How-Tos & Tips:

Use your favorite toppings to decorate your gluten-free pizza crust (we make a pretty good GF crust if we say so ourselves!)
>>Be light-handed with the sauce –here’s a recipe for that! – or it can otherwise get soggy.

>>If you are using heavier toppings, like meats or thick-cut vegetables, it’s a good idea to grill them a little before putting them on the pizza. They’re going to take longer to cook while your crust is sitting over that high heat flame.

Place your pizza masterpiece on the hot grill.  But not too hot grill! >>Brush oil on the grate before putting on the pizzas. This will help avoid losing any crust due to stickage.
The goal is to cook the pizza toppings thoroughly and melt any cheese without the crusts getting burnt. Closing the lid adds greater insulation and distribution of heat too. So do that, and keep a close on them as they cook. They’ll grill within a few minutes.

Impress your friends at your next grill-side gathering! Get a bunch of crusts and let them each create their own pizza to cook. Have fun!

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