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Handmade Limeade

Want a limeade with the sweet effervescent punch and not as much sugar and additives as the stuff you buy at the store?  Here’s the scoop, or better, the squeeze on making your own.


  1. Make a stock of lime-flavored simple syrup!
    Follow this recipe to make basic simple syrup.  Add to the mix about 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice, and voila!
  2. Make a limeade!

    A cup of ice, fresh limes, sparkling water, and simple syrup (what’s in the re-used topo chico bottle) are all you need for an awesome limeade

    >>In a 12oz drinking glass, pour over ice:
    a  1/4 cup of lime simple syrup.  Fill the rest of the glass with a sparkling water/soda.
    We like to squeeze in a few extra, fresh limes for a stronger punch. The sweet/tart taste is up to your preference, though. Add more syrup if you feel 🙂

    >>Go big and make a pitcher for a party:
    follow the same syrup to sparkling water ratio, ~ 1:4,  using your tastebuds and volume conversion skills to determine the appropriate measurements for your pitcher size.

  3. Make it special!
    Also fun is to experiment with adding various flavored syrups: raspberry, blackberry, black currant. Even rose! You can find quality, crafted syrups at local gourmet food boutiques or Middle Eastern grocers.


So delicious and easy to make. Why wait? Get to refreshing your day now!



One comment on “Handmade Limeade

  1. […] of gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes that are sure to please every eater.  Start out with a handmade limeade to quench your thirst while you toil over dinner.  Then, whip up a batch of fresh pizza sauce to […]

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