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Celebrating Halloween – Gluten-Free!

Ooooh October!

It’s October, and you know what that means: ghosts, goblins, and lots of candy! Luckily, Halloween is one of the easier holidays to adapt to once going gluten-free, since so many candies are naturally gluten-free. But here are a few tips to make the holiday go a bit smoother, especially for those with children.

Celebrate Halloween – Gluten Free!

  1. Host your own Halloween party! By providing a 100% GF venue, you don’t have to worry about missing out. And the non-GF guests don’t even have to know about the lack of gluten at your party!
  2. Provide food for the classroom party. Even if you can’t afford to feed an entire classroom, at least you can be sure that your child has at least one treat he knows he can eat safely.
  3. Educate the teacher. Meet with your child’s teacher, and ask that she separates the GF treats from the non-GF treats at the party. The teacher can inform your child that everything in that area is OK for him to eat, but can also allow the other students to choose treats from the same place. This way, your child feels like “one of the group,” while still choosing safe foods. Send the teacher a list of GF candies. Download a list here.
  4. Focus on the costume. Instead of thinking about all the candy you can’t have, think about the amazing costume you can have! Organize a contest with your (or your child’s) friends for most creative costume. Get an impartial judge, and the winner gets a prize (GF, of course. Or better yet, non-food-related at at all!).
  5. Play a game. Send your child trick-or-treating with his friends, but make sure that he knows not to eat the candy until he gets home. Afterward, play a game in which he trades his gluten-containing candy for GF version, or even for toys. Create a point system (for example, he must have three mini candy bars to trade in for a full size GF bar. Or collect 10 to earn a stuffed animal, etc.).
  6. Come up with your own ideas. Have another strategy for creating a fun, safe, GF Halloween? We’d love to hear! And we’ll all be the benefactor for it!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!


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