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Thanksgiving – Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Gluten-Free

Oh, how do we love Thanksgiving! To share an abundance of food and family is always wonderful Still, minding a gluten-free diet can be a challenge. So! An acrostic poem with suggestions on how to minimize the risk of getting “glutened” when you can’t ensure a 100% gluten-free environment at Thanksgiving dinner.


Turn the experience into an education for your family

Help the host understand gluten and its risks for you and your family

Avoid wooden surfaces for food prep

Naturally gluten free items should not be served with wooden utensils or bowls

Keep food separate or under a couple watchful eyes

Separate gluten-free from gluten filled on buffet and pie tables

Gluten-free guests go first when serving mixed fare

Involve everyone at the table in the education

Voice concerns about improper food handling/ preparation

Invite everyone to share the gluten-free food

Never hesitate to correct a wrong action to keep the meal safe – but do it gently or with humor

Give thanks for the many great options that are gluten free!

These tips come with thanks from Gluten Free Dee

Of course, the best way to avoid gluten at Thanksgiving is just to ensure there is none! If you’re hosting the event, this is easy because you have complete control over the menu. If you’re going as a guest this year, offer to bring your own homemade GF goodies, or grab some treats from The Little Aussie Bakery to show your friends and family that gluten-free can be anything but boring! And enjoy 🙂


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