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Turning out Perfect Gluten Free Tortillas from Dough

Tearable Texture

We’ll share the technique for turning out gluten free tortillas with the best tearable texture

Getting the quality wrap that’s chewy and tearable and, oh my, just so scrumptious is really about technique.  The principles of baking gluten free follows the same as traditional baking – that the rolling pin and work surface should be dusted with flour to prevent the dough from sticking, for example – so feel confident in your background to getting that textbook tortilla. We also sprinkle this how-to with suggestions to help perfect technique.

The steps to go from dough to edible disc:

First, thaw your Little Aussie Gluten Free Tortilla Wrap Dough to a workable state from the freezer. Then, to dry up the knackiness – they get wet and sloppy in the freezer! – you’ll have to knead some flour into the dough ball…

Create a workspace (a clean surface lightly dusted with GF flour)

Have these tools on hand:

  1. Ingredient Spreadgluten free flour – we find sticky (or sweet) rice flour is best for binding without making the dough too crumbly
  2. rolling pin
  3. wax parchment paper

Shaping Roll the dough ball in flour, then work it in with your hands to bind it all together – think of playing with playdough! Shape this into a fat disk or puck shape by pinching the round center with thumbs and moving the dough outwards. This pre-formed shape will ease the rolling process. Place the disc on parchment paper to roll out – this will be key to later to handling it later!

Rolling close up

Rolling Rolling technique! Similar to the pinching, focus on beginning at the center of the disc, and rolling the pin outwards towards to the rims. One of our packaged dough balls yields a tortilla, about 8” in diameter.

>>To prevent tearing the dough when transferring to the skillet: use the parchment paper! Lift paper end and flip the dough onto your hand. Now you easily hold it.

Cooking Place dough on skillet with high heat/large flame. No oil needed! When bubbles begin to appear on the surface, flip it to the other side. The bubbles make for a lighter texture of tortilla. Each side should be cooked twice. Know that burn/pock marks will only add to the tortilla’s flavor!

Bubble Indication

Flip to cook to bubbling state on each side twice

We like to fill these wraps with the South Pacific Sandwich. An Aussie delight. Oy! Oy!


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