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Hazelnut Brittle Recipe

Hazelnut Brittle on Chocolate Nut Cake

Hazelnut Brittle on Chocolate Nut Cake

yields one 9” round

This elegant candy is simple to make and versatile to enjoy. The ingredients are few – just sugar and the raw nuts are needed! – but the volatility is high due to high temperatures needed. The recipe is more a tutorial that would be transferable to any candy making. So, without further ado: the hazelnut brittle!


  •  1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 heaping Cup Raw Hazelnuts*
    *Though any nut may be substituted to your preference, that they are raw is vital! If they are salted or roasted already, they will burn in cooking process


Ojo! – High temperatures are required to candy the sugar, and much caution should be used in making and handling this recipe.

Place ingredients in a small, shallow saucepan set over medium heat/flame. Let sit on flame, poking occasionally as the sugar begins to heat and melt, so as to avoid overburning certain areas. This “poking” stage will last around 3–5 minutes.

Hazelnuts Beginning

When sugar begins melting into syrup, begin to stir constantly and be sure to coat all hazelnuts entirely. The syrup will quickly turn to a very thin liquidy state, which is desired, and begin to bubble and smoke. A candy thermometer can be used to check the temperature, which should come to around 300F at this hard crack stage of candy making. At this stage, remove from flame and pour with care onto a prepared sheet of wax paper.

Hazelnuts mid

Shaping the candy must be done immediately, while the sugar is still hot and malleable. A wooden spatula should be used, as plastic utensils will melt at contact. We like to create it into a circle as topping for cakes. Once shaped, let it sit until cool to touch – again, we cannot stress enough, it is VERY hot!

Candy Shaping

If, once cooled to touch, it is desirable to cut the brittle into smaller, decorative pieces – put the whole brittle in an oven to warm a bit, then slice into preferred shapes.

Makes an elegant topping to a round cake, or great as a lone treat. We use pecans to make a topping for our popular Chocolate Pecan Cake. Whatever you choose, Enjoy!

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