Wonderize Your Waffles

Little Aussie Bakery's Waffle and Pancake Mix

Little Aussie Bakery’s Waffle and Pancake Mix

So you got your Waffle and Pancake Mix (The Little Aussie gluten free version, of course!) and want to make them a little more special. Why not add fruit? nuts? Make your own syrup to pour on top? Discover fun ways to wonderize your waffles. Also adaptable to pancake making!

Use caution with the hot waffle iron, and supervise children while cooking waffles.

Add to the Mix
Try mixing these various ingredients in with the batter, and baking them fresh into the waffle on your iron. NOTE: the more you add, the more time/heat will be needed to cook the waffle. Test your first waffle to perfect the time/heat needed to bake them properly.

Nuts: a 1/4 cup chopped pecans, walnuts, or any variety you like does nicely with waffles – toast them for better flavor!

Fruit: dice up a banana, apple, or add a 1/2 cup berries, pineapple, or any fruit you prefer!

Breakfast Meats: crumble a few slices of cooked bacon, ham, or sausage for a savory waffle

Spices and Herbs: try a bit of rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, orange/lemon zest, or even lavendar (?!)

Syrups: bake in ~3 Tablespoons honey, molasses, or maple syrup to the batter for a luscious waffle

Pile on Toppings
Smother your waffle or pancake away with the endless topping possibilities. Here are a few suggestions:

– Cooked eggs and bacon or ham

Syrups! Try Maple syrup, Fruit Syrups, Chocolate Syrup…the possibilities here are huge

-Ice cream! Trust us. We do this every Sunday morning for Brunch. Check out this dairy free ice cream recipe!

-Jams or Jellies

-Powdered Sugar: try a dusting with whipped cream on top!

-Peanut Butter!

-Warm Apple Sauce and Sour Cream

Shannon modified our GF Waffle Mix following Racheal Ray's Recipe: Red Velvet Waffles Cream Cheese Drizzle

Shannon modified our GF Waffle Mix following Racheal Ray’s Recipe: Red Velvet Waffles Cream Cheese Drizzle

Make It About Presentation
Waffles and pancakes can be more fun just by serving them differently!

Bake into Different Shapes: you can’t go wrong with a Mickey Mouse pancake, can you? Pancakes are easy to shape by placing a cookie cutter on the skillet, and filling the batter in to cook

Waffle Taco: fill it with eggs, diced ham, cheese…then fold over!

Build a Waffle Tower: quarter a whole waffle, then stack the four pie shapes on top of each other to make a tower!

Waffle Sandwich: what about taking two waffles and slathering peanut butter and jelly in between? Try this and any other typical kind of sandwich you may enjoy!

We thank the WikiHow Article, “How to Spice Up a Plain Waffle,” for many of the ideas here!


2 comments on “Wonderize Your Waffles

  1. So I was just wondering. Did I win the waffle iron?

    Shan 😉

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