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Cake Decoration 101: Oh, What a Wet Knife Can Do!

Decades of baking have given us a few tools and experience under our belt (or apron!) to share. One of those is the wonders of a wet knife when manipulating cakes. It offsets the stickiness of frosting and the crumbliness of the cake.

Whoever said to use more frosting to cover stray cake crumbs and crevices, revise that to: spread more frosting on WITH A WET KNIFE to cover stray crumbs and crevices.

Frosting Cake with Wet Knife

A Wet Knife is Your Best Friend. Keep a cup of water or sink close by for dampening.
What it does  >>

  • Easily smooths frosting/cream onto the cake’s surface — cover any blemishes or cracks that arise in frosting, redistribute clumpy frosting with wet knife
  • Cuts cake into slices more cleanly — true for crumby cakes as well as stickier cheesecakes, nd creamier pudding-like cakes

Give it a go! And tell us how it works! Happy Baking 🙂


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