Coconut Whipped Cream for Desserts & Cake Frosting

It’s super easy! It’s super delicious! Here’s our little how-to on making coconut whipped cream for desserts, and using it as frosting for cakes (our preferred cake coater!).  If it turns into THE dessert, we won’t judge :-]


MAKE the Whipped Coconut Cream

This is essentially a one ingredient recipe.
The ingredient: A Can of Full-Fat Coconut Milk. The full fat variety is essential to the separation and whipping potential of the cream.


  1. Pour entire contents of the coconut milk into a bowl, and chill overnight – this allows it to separate
    We sometimes go 2 days! The longer the wait, the better the reward!
  2. Drain the liquid into another container. Save it for other baking and cooking uses!
  3. That awesome-looking firm cream that’s left in the bowl – Whip that up!
    Add to this a bit of sweetener (cane sugar, etc), and if you care, additional flavoring. We like to make raspberry creams! lemon creams!! almond creams!!! The choice is up to you
  4. Store the cream in the refrigerator for future use

USE the Whipped Cream

As Cake Frosting:

  • Stack cake layers with cream in between them. Cover them in cling wrap and store in refrigerator overnight. The cake will be more cohesive when decorated and moist when eaten
  • Spread the whipped cream, as you would any frosting, around the entirety of the cake
    >>The secret here is to use a wet knife! Wetting the knife will give better slip to allow for spreading the cream evenly
  • Store the finished frosted cake in the refrigerator to set a few hours. It can be kept overnight.
  • To enjoy the cake at its peak, take it out 20-30 minutes before eating

Other Dessert Uses:

  • Parfaits – layer it with fruit, crumbled gluten-free cookies
  • Top your waffles, pies, cobblers
  • Eat it alone!

8 comments on “Coconut Whipped Cream for Desserts & Cake Frosting

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  3. To flavor the cream like raspberry and lemon, what do you flavor it with? Extract or real fruit? Also, how much to 1 can?

    • Hey Patsy, thanks for stopping by! You can use extracts or real fruits, whichever you prefer. We tend to prefer to use the real fruit, although this works best with soft fruits that we can mash, like strawberries or raspberries. For citrus fruits, we simply squeeze the juice out to get the flavor. The amount of fruit and/ or juice you use is really up to your taste, but we generally use about 1/2 cup of mashed fruit or 1/4 cup citrus juice plus 1 tablespoon zest per can of coconut milk. Let us know which flavor you choose, and how it goes! Happy Baking!

  4. Do you mean canned full fat coconut milk? I cant find coconut cream anywhere…

  5. How long does the frosting last in the fridge?

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