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Cake Decoration 101: Ornamenting


This Red Velvet Cake is decorated around the edges with discarded cake crumbs, and on the top with fresh fruit and floral trimmings in the center

>>Decorate Naturally

  • Incorporate fresh flowers, leaves, and fruits into the decoration
  • Use discarded cake and/or cookie crumbs to decorate — they look great around the sides, the edges, and even over the top of the cake
  • Stretching for ideas on how to decorate? Why not toss on sprinkles or berries, and see where they fall naturally? The random design of nature and gravity is lovely!

>>Use Tools for Definition

  • Cookie Cutters can be used to create shapes – place them gently on top of the cake and fill with sprinkles
  • A piping device – made simply by putting icing/glaze into a ziploc bag and cutting off a corner – provides a fine tip with which to draw detail on your cake

Know you can always gloss over “mistakes” by wetting your knife and reworking the icing (our favorite to work with is the coconut whipped cream. It’s delicious and spreadable!!).

Check out our recipes for cake and icing – Happy Baking and Have Fun Decorating!


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