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Ceramic, Non-Stick, Stainless Steel: Which Cookware Suits Your Style?

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you could get more out of a single piece of kitchenware? It is always nice to find out that a piece in your kitchen can be used for more than one purpose.

1950s-woman-cookingJoining Pampered Chef has been a learning experience for me to say the least and so I thought it would be nice to share what I have learned with you the readers. This month I would like to explain the differences between different types of cookware. The three most common are stainless steel, non-stick, and ceramic. I do have to disclose…I am not an expert in cookware and can only provide you information pertaining to what I have learned about the Pampered Chef lines. Please check with the manufacturer of your cookware before using any of the following tips.

  • Stainless steel cookware is the go-to-tool of professional chefs. The reason for this…stainless steel can withstand high heat.  These types of pans are good for deglazing, sautéing, and searing. Because this line can withstand high heats it can be used on the stove top, in the oven, and even under the broiler. The Pampered Chef line is oven-safe up to 500⁰, has a lifetime warranty, and is dishwasher safe.
  • Non-stick is the easy clean-up tool. This line is for the everyday cook and can be used to cook anything. This is a heavy cookware set that heats evenly and therefore it is recommended to never cook on heat above medium-high. The Pampered Chef line of Executive cookware is oven-safe to 400⁰ and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Ceramic is the fool-proof cookware and great for novice cookers. The aluminum allows for the cookware to heat evenly and reacts quickly to temperature changes. Even if something burns in this cookware it is easy to clean with a swipe of a sponge. This cookware is lightweight and naturally non-stick. The Pampered Chef line is also oven-safe to 400⁰ and has a 3 year warranty.

A few tips to leave you with for all types of cookware:

  • Pans that are oven-safe are great for casseroles. Brown your meat on the stove, mix your ingredients, and bake all in one piece… can we say less dishes 🙂
  • Do NOT use cooking sprays. Cooking sprays leave a film on cookware that is hard to get off. Instead use oil, such as olive oil, in a spritzer bottle.
  • Metal utensils should not be used in non-stick cookware, only silicone, bamboo, and other soft materials.
  • Always read the directions that come with your cookware for proper cleaning and cooking. This will extend the life of your cookware.

ABOUT  Cherie Renier
Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef®


I have always LOVED to cook, I was born and raised in Italy, pizza and pasta capital of the world! Upon returning home from an overseas job in 2012 I turned to Pinterest for recipe ideas. My favorite piece of cookware quickly became the Crockpot. In December my mom called me after attending a Pampered Chef party and said, “Cherie…you HAVE to do this!!! It is right up your alley.” After having spent a year at home with my only socialization being my two dogs I decided it would be a good way to get out and meet people. With the support of my fiancé I joined up. My mom sold it years ago so I have several pieces I use in my kitchen all the time but little did I know just how many advancements have come of cookware.

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