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The Four Hurdles of Gluten-Free Food

guest post by Justin Karcher

Is America becoming a gluten-free country? It seems that way…

The gluten-free industry is growing exponentially, like money in a bank with compound interest. It is estimated that gluten-free food sales are around 4 billion, if not more. It is no longer a niche market, as chain stores and restaurants are finally hopping on the gluten-free train. For some time, these places were hesitant regarding the four classic gluten-free hurdles: availability, affordability, taste and safety.

Alice Bast, founder of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, said, “Everything in this industry starts with the product and we finally have that price solved. The taste/flavor profile of gluten-free has finally been figured out. Availability and affordability were already solved. Now we’re onto safety.”

In terms of gluten-free, safety is essential, as the diet is a necessity for those who suffer from celiac disease. If more stores and restaurants are to become gluten-free, they must provide training and support to maintain safety rules and regulations, as exposure to wheat, barley and rye will make celiacs very, very sick. Gluten-free must be done right.

At The Little Aussie Bakery, we do gluten-free the right way. Our food is readily available, affordable, tastes great and is made with the care and precision reflective of safety rules and regulations. Not only that, our bread products, cookies and other goodies can be shipped to anywhere in the country. With each package we ship, we help the world become a little more gluten-free.

The Little Aussie Bakery equals availability, affordability, taste and safety.


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