Easy All-Natural, Homemade Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce Thumb

—Guaranteed to make any pizza delicious!!—

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Cooking Pizza on the Grill

Try Cooking Pizza on the Grill!


1. Blend 6 cloves of fresh garlic

2. Add slowly: 1 cup light-flavored oil and continue to blend

3. Add 1 can (10 oz) of Rotel®, 1 can (6 oz.) tomato paste, and ½ cup water

4. Blend until smooth

Spread this on a delicious Aussie Bakery pizza crust and create your very own gourmet pizza with all your favorite toppings!


This recipe has been shared at:

Easy Green Mama


3 comments on “Easy All-Natural, Homemade Pizza Sauce

  1. […] handmade limeade to quench your thirst while you toil over dinner.  Then, whip up a batch of fresh pizza sauce to top your seafood pizza (fish is healthy, right)?  Or, if you’re feeling really manly, try […]

  2. This looks like a great simple recipe! Also, that picture is making me drool! Yummy!

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