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Rome’s Pizza: Their Gluten-Free Options

by Beth Devillier

On a recent curious day, I decided to venture out to Rome’s Pizza (Stone Oak location) in order to check out their gluten free menu. After all, I’ve always known we supply them with our buns, yet hadn’t heard much feedback on what they do with them. Upon arrival, the owner Gus, who was also hard at work, enthusiastically greeted and invited me to sit down and chat about what gluten free meant to the restaurant. I found the conversation in good timing amidst the latest Domino’s fiasco regarding the lack of consideration when preparing their new fad crusts. I was delighted and appreciative to find that Gus and his staff take great care in preparing gluten free menu items. Every pizza or sandwich is cautiously placed on foil and all of the ingredients are separate from those used for the regular food in order to avoid cross contamination. There’s even a designated pizza cutter and completely separate boxes for the GF food! Now that’s some serious special treatment!

After informing me of the measures taken, Gus then graciously offered to let me try a couple of the GF goods on the house. I excitedly snatched up a menu and ordered the Bacci panini, which has turkey, artichoke hearts, sun-­dried tomatoes, provolone cheese, parmesan, pesto mayonnaise, and cilantro on one of Little Aussie’s own buns. While snapping photos of the lovely sandwich (yes, I photograph more than cupcakes and cupcake-­like yummies), Gus brought out a chicken picatta pizza for me to sample. The beautiful toppings were spread out on a thin GF pizza base that, although not supplied by Little Aussie, still screamed EAT ME! After quickly documenting my amazing and GF friendly meal in front of me, I gave in to the calling.


The panini was to die for. The bread was perfectly crispy and the cheese was uber gooey with all of the other ingredients combining into a wonderful flavor. It was like a dance party in my mouth, and gluten wasn’t invited. I must say that Rome’s treats our bread well. They have a huge range of sandwiches to choose from and will happily (and safely) prepare any of them on our buns.

Now, I love our Little Aussie pizza with all my heart, but I must admit that Rome’s has some amazing pizza as well. The crust is thin and a little sweet, which greatly compliments the complex gourmet toppings to choose from and fits their style perfectly. If you’re in the mood for some exotic topping combos (and of course, it’s a weekday after 5) I highly recommend venturing out to one of Rome’s locations and checking out what they have to offer. They even now offer gluten free pasta and carry Redbridge GF beer! Gus also informed me that they are in the process of seeking out a tasty, chocolaty GF dessert! (Psssst, hey Gus, have you tried our extreme brownie yet?!)

With the care and caution that goes into preparing the GF menu items, one can rest assured they will have a great time and an amazing meal without the worry or the low expectations held over most gluten free menus. The option of more than salad alone is worth the trip, but I promise you will be in awe of how well they do gluten free. If you can catch Gus between customers, graciously give him a hug for what he does!



One comment on “Rome’s Pizza: Their Gluten-Free Options

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