Our Famous Gluten Free Bread Recipe

GF BreadRitaFor over 30 years, long before we even started the Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe, we have been working to perfect the best gluten free bread recipe on the planet (and by “we” I mean Rita, although the rest of us have been faithful taste-testers by her side the whole time).  There have been plenty of mistakes and false starts throughout the process, but we have vowed never to give up.  Even now we work diligently every day to push ourselves to do just “that much” better for tomorrow.

We always believed in ourselves, but validation finally came in 2011 when Rita was named one of the Top Ten Bread Bakers in America by “Dessert Professional” Magazine.  Not only did her gluten free bread beat out all the other gluten free bread out there, it was ranked in the top echelon of all artisanal bread in America!  Our gluten-free bread recipe was selected by professional chefs and bakers from around the country as one of the best there is, gluten free or not. We do, of course, sell the finished product in our store and online.

But now, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to share our famous The Little Aussie Bakery’s Gluten-Free Bread Recipe! So enough of this chit-chat, let’s get to it!

Equipment: stand mixer for gluten free bread recipe



  1. Spray or grease loaf pan on the bottom only (DO NOT spray or grease sides).
  2.  In mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients and blend.
  3. With mixer running on low speed, add oil and warm water to dry mix.
  4. Blend on high speed for 5 minutes – the dough should resemble sticky mud (gluten-free bread dough is much wetter and stickier than wheat-based bread doughs).Fresh Gluten Free Bread Recipe
  5. Dip the portion scoop in water, and scoop 6 portions of the dough into the loaf pan. There should be 3 scoops laid across the bottom, covered by 3 more scoops on top. Dip the portion scoop in water as often as necessary to prevent the dough from sticking.
  6. Spray the top of the wet dough liberally with oil spray.
  7. Leave the dough out in a warm room until it has risen to the top of the pan. This takes about 30-40 minutes.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven at 450-500°F for 30-35 minutes. When done, the bread will have a browned crust and will sound hollow.
  9. Turn out to cool on a wire rack.
  10. Cut only when cool (gluten-free bread needs time to set; if cut too soon, it can be “gummy”).
  11. Dig in!  Eat it plain!  Toasted with jam!  What’s your favorite way?

Fresh Gluten Free Bread Recipe


6 comments on “Our Famous Gluten Free Bread Recipe

  1. I discovered your website just today, and I am unable to navigate it and use any of the hyper-links given. I would so much appreciate seeing your gluten free flour mix, and ask the reason behind using guar gum and not xantha gum.

  2. Thank you!!

  3. […] honey mustard dressing should be listed as one of the best inventions on earth. Immediately after sliced (gluten-free) bread, of course. I love it on salads (especially fruit salads — try it sometime; you’ll […]

  4. We had it for the first time this past weekend and it was sooooo good and soft. Better than gluten filled bread! I was in awe!

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