Featured Recipe: {Almost} Raw Snickers Bars

Ah, Halloween.  As Aussies, we didn’t quite grow up with this tradition, but we have found plenty of reasons to get into the spirit now that we’re here in the U.S.!  Not the least among these reason is all the delicious candy available in this country!  We were already a little too old to go trick-or-treating by the time we arrived here, but our daughters go into the dress-up-and-beg-for-candy traditions straight away.  There really is nothing like the feeling of getting home and emptying out your treat bag to check out your haul.  And everyone knows that the most coveted of all candies is the Snickers Bar!

Luckily, Snickers are gluten-free, so we have enjoyed our fair share of this sinful treat.  Unfortunately, they are most definitely not dairy-free, so we have been unable to enjoy them since giving up milk products a couple years ago.  Until now, that is!  Thanks to Cara over at Fork and Beans, we can now enjoy a delicious and extremely allergy-friendly homemade Snickers Bar!  These bars truly are amazing; not only are they completely free of gluten and dairy, they can even be made from totally raw ingredients and make for a great Paleo-friendly snack!  But enough from us–click on the picture to head over to Cara’s blog for the recipe!

raw snickers


2 comments on “Featured Recipe: {Almost} Raw Snickers Bars

  1. Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve been missing my snickers since I’ve gone vegan. Now I can try these!

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