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Celebrate National Men Make Dinner Day! (Gluten-free, of course)

DANGERMENCOOKINGToday, Thursday November 7th, 2013, is a very important day.  It is National Men Make Dinner Day!  Americans sure have some… interesting holidays.  But I’m not complaining–any time I can get someone else to make dinner is a great day for me!  After doing some serious and extensive research (I clicked on the first thing that came up on Google), I have discovered that National Men Make Dinner Day is a decades-old tradition.  Well, at least one decade.

First mention of the holiday comes in 2001 when radio DJ Sandy Sharkey decided to start a holiday to celebrate men who cook, even if it is just one day of the year!  This is the day the men of the house get to shine and show off their skills in the kitchen!  Sadly, BBQs and microwave dinners don’t count.  You can head on over to the official website for the holiday to get more information and to enter your recipe to be featured: menmakedinnerday.com.

Man cooking, smelling aroma   Original Filename: 200357416-001.jpgOr, if you’re not quite creative enough to think of your own from-scratch recipe, why not try one of ours?  We’ve got plenty of gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes that are sure to please every eater.  Start out with a handmade limeade to quench your thirst while you toil over dinner.  Then, whip up a batch of fresh pizza sauce to top your seafood pizza (fish is healthy, right)?  Or, if you’re feeling really manly, try your hand at an Aussie lamb pie!  And don’t forget to finish off the meal with the aptly-named Ox Blood Chocolate Cake.  Careful, you might just do such a good job you’ll be asked to cook again tomorrow!

Still don’t feel like cooking?  Order takeaway from the Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe.  We won’t tell her if you don’t!


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