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Tuesday Tip: Smooth, Fluffy Cakes

room temperature eggsHello everyone!  It is time for another Tuesday tip! Have you ever wondered why so many recipes call for eggs at room temperature? How many times  have you just ignored the advice and thrown the eggs in straight from the fridge? Me too–guilty as charged! But after baking a few cakes, I began to notice a slight difference in the ones in which I had put the cold eggs to the ones that had room temperature eggs. The cakes that were made with room temperature eggs turned out so much smoother! It turns out that the yolks and whites combine much easier at room temperature (around 70° F).  In practical terms, this means that the egg will disperse more evenly throughout the batter, making for a much lighter, fluffier, smoother end result.  Do the experiment yourself–I guarantee you’ll become a believer! Happy Baking!


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