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Gluten Free Southern Biscuits Review from Gluten Free Kingwood

For the past few weeks we have been working on perfecting our recipe for gluten free southern-style biscuits. We thought we got it pretty good, but not being from the South, we needed some expert opinions. Cue Jenny from Gluten Free Kingwood. She was one of ten bloggers who volunteered to test out our recipe for us and give us some feedback. This is what she has to say. (When you finish reading it here, don’t forget to stop by her Facebook page and give it a “like” for more great gluten-free tips and advice!)

I made them with coconut milk from a can & with Earth Balance butter – I was super excited that I could make them dairy free & also EGG FREE ! This is huge: my husband hasn’t had bread in about 6 months & probably 4 years before that. On a side note, my husband said, “Ok I will try one,” and ended up eating four! He would have eaten more but my boys had the others. They were a huge HIT at our house! My younger one said, “you have to make these at Christmas & Thanksgiving!” Then he changed his mind and said, “no, you have to make these every week!”
I really liked the texture; slightly crunchy crust on the outside and soft fluff on the inside. They reminded me of a sourdough biscuit–to me that is great. We tried them with eggs & bacon and ate the rest with honey & strawberry jam. Every way attempted was grand!
As for directions: the only fault: the directions did not specify if I was supposed to use 1 or 2 of the clear bags of biscuit mix. I used one bag per can of coconut milk & butter. They tasted great so I am assuming I did it right.
The process was easy! Quick & easy clean up since they just popped right out of the muffins tins I used. Love that there was only a few ingredients as well. Over all I think they are fantastic! Great job!

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