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Featured Partner: W.D. Deli

Mug Logo W.D. smThis week we are featuring our closest partner restaurant, W.D. Deli. They’re located just a few buildings away right on Broadway! They’ve been great neighbors, and recently we talked to them to learn a little bit more about the deli, it’s history, and most importantly: the delicious food!

Wayne and Michael

Wayne and Michael at the Deli

In 1990, Wayne D. Beers had just graduated from college and was beginning his career as a dental student. He had wanted to open a restaurant, and the opportunity came that year in the form of a little place in Olmos Park. Faced with this opportunity, Wayne dropped out of dental school and together with his partner Michael Bobo opened W.D. Deli on McCullough. After 12 successful years there, they moved the business to its current location on Broadway, where the deli has been for another 12 years.

W.D. Deli started serving gluten free options a few years ago when several regular customers of the deli were diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and Wayne and Michael wanted them to be able to continue to enjoy the fare at the deli. While they do not have a separate gluten free menu, any of their sandwiches can be made on Little Aussie Bakery gluten free bread. They also offer several salads and salad dressings that are gluten free.

Delicious homemade soup!

Delicious homemade soup!

W.D. Deli is careful to prevent cross contamination when serving their gluten free options by using separate knives and utensils for gluten-filled and gluten-free meals. In addition to a wide array of gluten free options, W.D. Deli also offers three homemade soups daily that are vegetarian. They even have a completely vegan sandwich!

When you stop in, be sure to get a taste of their most famous dish: the spinach chicken salad sandwich. And don’t forget to try the soup of the day (just be sure to ask if today’s choice is gluten free). Or, bring lunch for the whole office—W.D. Deli offers boxed lunches for any occasion!chow down

Remember, when you visit W.D. Deli you’ll “enter as strangers, leave as friends.”

For more information, visit W.D. Deli at 3123 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209

Give them a call at 210-828-2322 or visit http://www.wddeli.com/

They’re open Monday – Friday from 10:30- 5:00, Saturday 11:00- 4:00, and Closed Sunday.


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