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Featured Restaurant: All Aboard Deli

All Aboard Deli LogoThis week’s featured restaurant, All Aboard Deli, is probably the most uniquely located of all of our partners – it’s in a boxcar! How cool is that? And as if dining in a boxcar wasn’t enough to peak your interest, the food is also pretty amazing! Every single sandwich can be made gluten free on custom focaccia made specially for All Aboard Deli. We talked with owner Sylvia Toscano to learn more about the story behind her business and the delicious sandwiches that she personally prepares every day.

All Aboard Deli is located in “The Yard” at 5255 McCullough. It’s a little bit hidden behind Olmos Perk Coffeeshop but it’s well worth the effort to seek it out. Sylvia just celebrated the 3rd anniversary of All Aboard Deli, so be sure to stop over and congratulate her (if you can with your mouth full of tasty gluten free sandwiches)! We asked Sylvia what inspired her to open a deli in a boxcar, of all places!

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for the last 20 years and always wanted to open up a small restaurant,” she said, “I had seen these abandoned boxcars [at The Yard] for years and always thought they would make a great place. So when the city ordered the owners to either move them or clean them up that was my opportunity to move in. Unfortunately because the boxcars are so close to the railroad lines I wasn’t able to run a gas line. Opening a deli seemed the most obvious choice and has been the best decision I have ever made!”

Sylvia says that just a few months after opening up shop, a young woman came in requesting gluten free bread. Sylvia had to turn her away at the time, but a few days later the woman returned with a loaf of bread from the Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe and requested an All Aboard sandwich made between two slices. Sylvia tried it out and “the rest,” she says, “is history!”

Both Sylvia’s mother and brother have severe food allergies, so she is very aware of the importance of avoiding cross contamination. She uses clean plates and utensils to prepare the gluten free sandwiches and it sure not to use any condiments that may have been contaminated with wheat-based products. She prepares the sandwiches right behind the counter, so you can watch the care she takes to prepare and serve the best sandwiches there are!

The Pacific Gluten Free Sandwich from All Aboard DeliWe asked Sylvia what her favorite sandwich is and she replied unhesitating, “the Engineer!” Sandwiches between two fresh slices of gluten free focaccia is the best quality Boar’s Head turkey, havarti cheese, avocado, organic greens, tomatoes, and red onions. And it’s not just Sylvia’s favorite; she says it’s also the best-seller at her deli! For those looking for a completely allergy friendly option, ask about the Veggie Sandwich that Sylvia makes on gluten free bread. It starts with a unique avocado mango spread and is topped with seedless cucumbers, organic greens, tomatoes and red onion.

All Aboard Deli only serves Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, organic greens, and homemade spreads so you can be assured of a quality, delicious meal every time you visit. For more information, visit All Aboard Deli’s website or just stop on in and say “hi!”


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