Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe

This scrumptious treat has been one of the favorites in the cake cabinet since the day we opened. Tiers of fresh baked white cake soaked in coconut milk are sandwiched between thick layers of fluffy whipped coconut cream. This is a truly heavenly cake, and now you can enjoy it fresh from your own kitchen!  Let’s get started.coconut cake




  1. Preheat your oven to 350◦ F.
  2. Into one large bowl, separate the egg whites.
  3. Keep the egg yolks in a separate container to be used later.
  4. With your stand mixer, begin to mix the egg whites.  Add the cream of tartar and continue mixing.
  5. Once the mixture begins to form peaks, slowly add in a ½ cup of sugar as you continue to mix.
  6. Check to ensure that the mixture has firm, shiny peaks.  Set this to the side.
  7. In the other bowl, add the remaining ingredients (except one can of coconut milk–this is for soaking the cake later) and beat until smooth.
  8. Slowly add the egg white mixture to the other mixture and fold in by hand.
  9. Continue until both mixtures are well incorporated, smooth and creamy.  Be careful not to beat the air out or the cake will flatten.
  10. Line your pans with wax paper and cover with non-stick spray.
  11. Pour the mixture evenly between the two pans.
  12. Bake in the preheated 350◦ F oven for 30 to 45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.
  13. Once the cakes have cooled, place them into large food-grade plastic bags and return them to their pans.
  14. Evenly distribute the contents of one can of room-temperature coconut milk between the two bags.
  15. Tie the bags up and leave the cakes to soak for at least 4 hours.  We leave ours overnight for up to 24 hours to maximize moistness.
  16. Layer the cake with fresh coconut whipped cream and decorate to your liking.
  17. Share and enjoy!

Prefer the visual recipe with guide photos? Click here to view step-by-step photographic instructions.

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