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Cake Decoration 101

The Little Aussie Bakery's Rita Sturzbecher

The Little Aussie Bakery’s Rita Sturzbecher has decades of gluten free  baking experience

Cake Decoration 101: from the 30+ years of gluten-free experience of The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe‘s well-regarded Cake Master and Baker, Rita Sturzbecher.

Learn some basics, perhaps overlooked and/or underrated, to bring greater ease, simplicity, and fun to your cake decorating.

Say It On a Ribbon
Writing messages on cakes! A tale as old as time. Do it a bit differently, a bit more elegantly, by writing it on a ribbon! Plus, it happens to be a much easier, and mistake-free method for getting your message on there.

Oh, What a Wet Knife Can Do!
It offsets the stickiness of frosting and the crumbliness of the cake–try using a wet knife next time you decorate, correct, and slice your cake!

Ornamenting Your Cake
How to decorate you cake easily naturally and using tools.  A few pointers to guide the ornamentation of your cake

For more gluten-free baking and cooking advice, check out our gluten-free recipes and tutorials on using our gluten-free mixes.

Feel free to ask questions! It’s a good place to request health advice along with other delicious recipes to make at home that are free of gluten, soy, fructose, and usually, corn and dairy too!

Check out the number of tantalizing baked products on our website as well.
A bib is recommended for the drooling to follow…


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