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Welcome to our informational page on living Gluten-Free!

I Heart (living) Gluten-Free!

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Stories on Being Gluten-Free


Gluten Free refers to a dietary preference, whether it be by medical necessity or personal preference.  The intent of the diet is to avoid gluten which is a broad name for a group of particular proteins present in, but not restricted to grains like wheat, rye, barley and spelt.

Gluten has been identified as a neurotoxin linked to a broad range of negative health impacts in human beings. Celiac disease is directly caused by the ingestion of gluten in certain gluten sensitive individuals.  However, gluten has also been linked to the exacerbation of a range of degenerative disorders including Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and many other debilitating conditions. A diet free of gluten and casein (which has a similar molecular structure to gluten) has been shown to better manage symptoms of Autism and ADHD in diagnosed individuals.

We want to help you be informed on your gluten-free journey.  There’s a lot to learn! We’ll update regularly with new suggestions and tips, so be sure to check back just as often. Please post your own questions, as well as share your own experiences and suggestions with others. It’s the best way to share our knowledge!

For gluten-free baking and cooking advice, check out our recipes and tutorials on using our mixes. Any queries? Submit them to the forum. It’s a good place to request health advice along with other delicious recipes to make at home that are free of gluten, soy, fructose, and usually, corn and dairy too!

A number of tantalizing baked products are for sale on our website as well. A bib is recommended for the drooling to follow.


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