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Holiday Recipes

It’s the holiday season! Time to dazzle guests with the best tasting gluten-free goods possible, and keep it your secret how easy it was to prepare. We’ve compiled a few of the stars from our recipe catalog here for you to use this holiday season. Enjoy the wealth of breads and pie crusts there are to eat gluten-free (many dairy free too)!!

This rich, elegant quiche makes a great breakfast or brunch


Biscuits (dairy free): delicious golden biscuits. Dairy free

Spinach Quiche:for splendid Saturday mornings with holiday guests. Make it all with our from-scratch pie crust recipe.


Cornbread (dairy free): nothing like good, ‘ol home-cooked cornbread.

Garlic Butter Spread (dairy free): a versatile spread that’s easy to make.


Almond Butter Cake

Almond Butter Cake (dairy free): simple, classic cake to finish the evening or have at tea time.

Carrot Cake (dairy free): a gorgeous, perfectly spiced cake. Beautiful to serve decorated with fruit!

Creamy Rice Pudding (dairy free): yummy, creamy rice pudding. Just what the holidays ordered.

Sugar Cookies (dairy free): who doesn’t love a sugar cookie? Easy to make. These are wonderful plain or decorated with our yummy icing glazes!

Enjoy the beautiful season of baking! May the goodness from your kitchen be shared with the good company of friends and family.


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